Written and Directed by John Godber OBEWhat happens to climate change deniers when the climate changes?

The world is getting warmer and water is being rationed, but up at Beech Hill Bowling Club, Yorkshire champion Ted is blissfully ignorant. When his ‘Extinction Rebellion’ granddaughter Faye warns him of the impending crisis, the old time bowlers laugh in her face.

Fifteen years later, the bowling green is brown, water laps on the drive and bungalows are selling for
millions. Now everyone in Hull wants to live up on Beech Hill.

Ted and his team play on, but maybe Faye was right?

A radical environmental satire from John Godber after the huge critical and commercial success of Scary Bikers at Trafalgar Studios.

The Guardian on Crown Prince

‘Splendidly hot and bothered’
The Guardian on Crown Prince




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